About My Icons and Photomanips

My RL has settled-down a bit and I'll be able to update my LJ occasionally.  I'm restarting this journal from the beginning.

I won't have enough time to start up the Vortex-Rift community, but to those who submitted icons and those who were waiting to write fics, thank you. I really appreciate your desire to participate and I am truly sorry the start-up has to be scrapped.

I'm updating my LJ and re-purposing it. I'll be re-posting all of my fandom photomanips and fandom icons. I'll be adding new ones, plus my icon textures, stock icons and Photoshop CS4 brushes. Now to delete all of the old posts and start fresh..., I'll repost the icons and photomanips that were here and hopefully, I'll be adding new ones in Torchwood, Castle and Doctor Who as well as Sherlock and other fandoms. 

All can be downloaded for personal use i.e., on LJ or one of the message boards. Please don't download/post my icons anywhere. Please credit this LJ, ( http://100px-x-100px.livejournal.com/) or my deviantART account ( http://100px.deviantart.com/ ) whenever you use my work.

Please email me at 
one _hundred_px@yahoo.com  if you wish to use,  archive,  and/or post my photomanips anywhere other than your own hard drive. 

RESOURCES: Here are the beings whose resources I use and/or admire.Creative minds

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Vintage Yuletide icons

Here's the second post.  Vintage icons always remind me of my grandmother's closets and attic. All of those mysterious boxes with all of those funny-looking cards and stamps, silk bows and flowers, pressed flat and funny pictures of all of my aunts and uncles.

Please remember to credit 100px_x_100px or my deviantART account:

A compressed .zip file with all 10 icons can be downloaded here.

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I have Yule/Xmas icons and some bases to finish and upload, but I currently have 640X480 resolution on my monitor. I have to find new drivers for my ATI video card. It's trippy, seeing my screen with the same resolution  CRTs had 40 years ago. I have a Dick Tracy screen right now, mostly red, yellow, black and greys, with an occasional touch of green and blue. Everything looks pixelated.

Oh well, I guess I'll read. It looks like no Photoshop for me tonight.

33 Icon Grid/Screen Brushes

1X1 to 5X15 icon-sized grids/screen brushes to use as backgrounds, masks, borders and accents. I sometimes layer them, vary the opacity and/or fill and apply gradients, styles and effects to the layers for interest.

All should be compatible with Photoshop 7 (.abr brush files) and above, but there is an Image Pack in .png format to create your own set.

Please credit 100px_x_100px or my deviantART account,  http://100px.deviantart.com/ if/when used.

Download the compressed .zip file, with all 33 brushes here.

Weathered Wood Icon Textures

40 icon textures featuring various types of weathered wood.

A .zip compressed file with all 40 of these icon textures may be downloaded here.

Please credit my LJ,
100px_x_100px  or my deviantART account, 100px.deviantart.com, if/when you use any of them.

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